Teeth Whitening – Naturally White System

Naturally White Teeth Whitening System

A whiter brighter smile makes you look younger, healthier and feel more confident…

2-8 shades whiter in 15 mins. with no Sensitivity

1 treatment $ 59.00

6 treatments $140.00

Natural Ingredients – Safe for tooth enamel, and the #1 choice on the market for people with sensitivity

Convenient and Easy to Maintain – Your first treatment is comprised of 3 comfortable sessions, just 15 minutes each. Touch-ups are single session treatments every 2-6 months.

For the First 24 Hours – It is advisable not to consume food or drinks likely to cause stains. These include: curries, beets, carrots, blueberries, tomato sauces, dark gravy, red wine, coffee, tea, and colas.

A Note on Sensitivity – A small percentage of people may have minor tooth or gum sensitivity. This normally dissipates within 30 minutes.


Smile! It’s good for you.