News Letter

Here are a few key moves to keep your winter skin healthier:
 1 – Tepid water only. Heat may be appealing when you’re chilled to your core, but hot water contributes to dehydration. A steaming bath may also trigger flushing, including Rosacea symptoms.
2 – Moisturize – especially before you go outdoors. No, moisturizer does not freeze! Dermalogica’s clients across Scandinavia will attest to this. This never happens. So be sure to guard your skin with a shield of hydration. Sounds like a given, but we’ve gotten the feedback that some people actually skip moisturizer when it’s cold outside, fearing that their product will ice up like a skating rink. Not gonna happen.
3 – Cleanse carefully. Your skin continues to produce sebum and waste products, and shed cells, even if you’re not feeling warm and sweaty. So, cleansing is always the first step to optimum skin function. When facing the challenges of winter weather, it is more important than ever to avoid harsh products, especially deodorant bar soaps. These are generally alkaline, and the perfumes are irritating to the skin. Don’t use these on your body, and definitely don’t get them anywhere near your face! Cleanse face and body with a gentle botanicals-based liquid cleanser, pat dry (don’t rub), and apply moiturizer from toenails to hairline.