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A common misconception is that acne only affects teenagers. But more than ever before, adults are suffering with oily and acneic skin conditions.

Clinical studies indicate that between 40 and 55 percent of the adult population in the 20-40 age group are diagnosed with low grade, persistent acne and oily skin. 54% of women older than 25 have some facial acne, which is most likely attributed to hormonal fluctuations that trigger excess sebum resulting in acne.

In addition, adult cases of acne are often more persistent than teenage acne, which can be particularly frustrating for those who were spared outbreaks as teenagers.



clearing skin wash

A naturally-foaming cleanser that is the perfect start to around-the-clock control of breakouts, comedones and excess surface oils. A naturally-foaming cleanser clears away excess oil without stripping the skin.

500 ml $ 64.00 250 ml $ 43.00






skin purifying wipes

Hygienci, quick-clearing wipes that help purify skin while removing excess surface oil and impurities.

Pkg. $ 27.00





clearing mattifier

A medical topical treatment that clears breakouts, reduces congestion and controls shine. Silicones miet gently into skin to help diminish fine lines and smooth skin texture, providing superior shine control. A great primer for make-up application.

40 ml $56.00






oil control lotion

A hydrating, oil-free, featherlight lotion containing additional microsponges to help absorb even more oil on skin’s surface and mantain an all-day matte finish. Active sebum regulating complex helps control oil production while helps reduce oily shine.

59 ml $ 48.00







overnight clearing gel

An overnight treatment that helps clear skin, calm inflammation and prevent future breakouts by reducing excess sebum, removing impaction plugs and eliminating bacteria. May be applied over the face or to zones experiencing breakouts and congestion.

50 ml $ 58.00







special clearing booster

Topical treatment for breakouts, eliminates bacteria while helping to accelerate breakout clearing.

30 ml $ 60.00







concealing spot treatment

An intense treatment with a natual-looking tint ideal for daytime coverage of breakouts. Quickly targets, conceal and help clear breakouts. An amazing alternative for those who prefer treatment products free of Benzoyl Peroxide.

10 ml $34.00






sebum clearing masque

A cooling, refining and deep-cleaning masque that purifies, absorbs excess surface oil and helps prevent breakouts.

75 ml $ 54.00





oil free matte spf30