A Ionic DETOX Foot Bath offers several benefits and can benefit almost anyone. It is a great way to cleanse the body of wastes and toxins that interfere with normal bodily functions. It is able to provide an overall feeling of wellness and greater levels of energy. So what are the Detox Foot bath results one can expect? Alot of individuals claims to experience an improve sense of wellness and level of energy after going through a course of using a Detox Foot bath. Women in particular have noticed reduced pain due to menstrual cramps. Middle aged individuals have noticed greater mental clarity, enhanced energy levels and relief from arthritis symptoms. In general, users can expect a much lighter feel and an overall rejuvenating sensation as some of the promising Detox Foot bath results.

30 mins $ 35.00

6 treatments $ 185.00


Why Detoxify?

A detoxifying foot soak service which eliminates toxins, increases energy, normalizes blood pressure, increases blood circulation, relieves joint pains, reduces water retention and so much more.


How does the system work?

By introducing a healthy electrical current into the body through the feet the bath is able to gradually bring the body back into balance. As the body comes back into balance there will be a natural purge of toxins and heavy metals from the entire body. This cleansing is what eventually creates a noticeable more healthy body for anyone who uses the bath. Our feet hold thousands of the largest pores on our bodies, making it the most convenient area to facilitate detox procedures. A machine is used to generate a specific amount of current to stimulate the production of negative molecules from the water. The negative ions in water will attract the positively charged toxins in the body, absorbing them through osmosis, which eliminate and flush out toxins from the body.

How Long Before Results Show ?

Detox foot bath results will often be experienced almost immediately. A film will often form on the surface of the water during treatment. You are actually able to see results showing when you see this film, since it is the remainder of toxins freed from your body. Some of the immediate results typically experience by users are improved energy levels and greater mental clarity.


How Many Treatments Required ?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to health. The recommended amount is 6 to 10 treatments for best results. One or two times a week for 3 weeks, then once a month thereafter.