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thumbnailCARQYRSLManicures and Pedicures

The history of pedicures dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Pedicures and manicures were common parts of being a pharaoh or god.
As apparel and personal beauty were major parts of the ancient Egyptian life, manicures and pedicures were given to both male and female pharaohs and gods.

A pedicure is essentially a way to improve the appearance of the feet. A manicure is a way to improve the condition and appearance of a person’s nails. The word “pedicure” comes form the Latin words “pes,” which means “foot,” and “cura,” which means “care.” In addition, it also means the care of toenails and feet.

A pedicure can be useful in other ways apart from personal beauty and desire. Nail infections and disorders can both be prevented by having a monthly pedicure.

Manicures and pedicures are stress-relieving treatments that provide relaxation, produce softer skin and leave you feeling revitalized. Oils and lacquers used on fingernails and toenails also provide your nails with longevity and make them stronger.


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